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Social Media is one of the biggest hobbies of many people today and many business are adding social media to their business portfolio in order to help them remain competitive.  We can help set up website accounts for your business on facebook, twitter, Google plus and other social media websites.  Facebook also have ecommerce templates that we have set up for some companies and they are making money from these.  

In order to remain competitive these extra options for people to hear about your business are vital.

We can also help you set up email marketing campaigns. This involves creating a cms for your website and then gathering a databse of people who have left their email on your website. These people can they be targeted for future sales by providing them with relevant information. For example, if you provide expert knowledge on a subject then people may well sign up for a newsletter or blog so they can learn from you.  This is turn may make them book your services as they are in communication with you.