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How long will the website take to make?

This will depend on the type of website it is and how the website is to be designed. So, an E Commerce website will typically take longer than a non ecommerce website. A website with a great detail of complexity and design features will take longer than a website based on text and a few images. However, in general a 5 page website could take 2 weeks to make if all the information was available to allow us to make it.

How much will the website cost to make?

This will depend on the type of website. ECommerce websites are typically more expensive than non ECommerce websites. After a free consultation on what you require the website to do we can talk to you about the ideas we think will work. There are 2 price categories - one for standard websites and one for E Commerce websites.  Then which each price category the price will depend on the amount of pages required.       

What if I ever wanted anything changed on my website in the future?

If you need anything changed on your website then we would be happy to do this provided it comes under the terms agreed with us.  We are here to help work for you on your website into the years ahead.  A website requires much more work that simply creating one.  It needs to be worked on, improved, analysed and continuously made better if it wants to out perform other websites in that market.  

How do I know the website is secure?

We will make sure your website is secure. It will be hosted on a linux server. This prevents spam and viruses from damaging your website. It will also ensure your website speed is fast. This will help with visitors to your website and with SEO. We will check Webmaster tools on a regular basis for you to make sure there are no errors or problems with your website.

How will I know how my website is performing?

We will provide you with a Google Analytics account. This will show you how much traffic you are getting to your website. It will also show you how they are finding your website. They may find you through Facebook, or a link on another website or simply through a search term on Google. We can review this with you for free and help you understand this. We can also give you tips as to how to improve your visitor and conversion results.